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Fetish themed visual content?

I've had to offer of some fetish-themed visual content and am wondering what my customers' thoughts on the subject are. I'm thinking pretty heavily stylised, lots of black and white, slow motion and suggestion rather than anything too explicit.

I'm thinking it would probably be most suited to gothy-type clubs or indeed fetish clubs themselves.

Is that something you guys would be interested in?


27/06/2014 18:28:44

Chillout title 'Of Some Form' now available as a DVD

You may recall we had to lose a bunch of DVD titles a while back due to server diskspace limitations. Well things have improved on that front so we're very pleased to be able to offer more DVD titles again. It's not the full compliment loike we used to have but it'a already a lot better than it was.

One of the recent additions to make use of this is our chillout DVD "Of Some Form" which has so far only been available as an MPEG4/AVC download but is now also available in DVD format. Obviously the DVD isn't HD like the MPEG4 but it's made from the HD master to keep the quality as high as possible.

For the DVD version please go here

02/06/2013 05:08:23

Update to 'Kontinuous' MPEG4 video..

After some customer feedback about quality issues with the SD/PAL MPEG4 version of "Kontinuous" I had another look at the file to see if we could get the quality any better. The feedback highlighted that there was excessive blocking in some areas of the mix. This is probably due to the amount of black in the mix since I don't recall the other SD titles showing the same characteristic.

Well I investigated and there were indeed, but no amount of re-encoding seemed to fix it for some reason. The original encode was using a pretty generous bitrate already so it sorta stands to reason.

Anyhow after numerous re-codes I found that whilst I couldn't force the coded to behave better with the bitrate, it *did* respond better to resolution changes. I ended up using a higher-than-PAL resolution encoded off the original PAL master which forced the MPEG4 codec to use more pixels and basically reduced the appearance of the blocks without massive filesize increases.

Over the next few weeks I'll be going through the other SD titles and seeing if the same technique can be used to improve quality there too.

Anyone who has bought the MPEG4 version of Kontinuous and would like to re-download the higher quality version is welcome to do so - please just get in touch with your order number.
21/01/2013 17:54:59

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Product Feature:
Of Some Form, Chillout - HD, by ACIDGFX
Of Some Form, Chillout - HD by ACIDGFX
Line breaks: 22
This is the new chillout title from AcidGFX which is just over an hour of pure smooth, slow-moving gloweyness and particle fun.

It's mostly made up of my "chakra" animations which haven't been on download before but have been pretty popular on YouTube. There have been quite a few requests for a title like this and for some of these clips specifically so this has really been on the cards for a while now.

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Custom Visuals:

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VJ Loops, Clips & Backdrops:

Acid Head Face Particles Green Long glowey squares pattern light beams orbit golden cpu Tunnel Fast Blue Speed CAUEAU rhythmic crown chakra pink rays fire clouds orange red flames burst contrast sticks distortion warp mask glow bars lasers structures Space Nebula falling flight floating darkness oblivion lights flying white black trails souls ethereal people sky sun laser Lightning-dogs ECWHCW BXSDXT travel neon distort water fly Bounce colour wash slow movement sideways leaves raining weed cubes Purple sound rings concentric circles insect space-station mirror star winter snow globe reflection


This superb new DVD Jim's takes slightly different approach from his previous work It's 12 distinct videos each created separately based around particular visual theme The themes are kept separate though explored individually rather than more freeform composition style we've seen till now produced lot good recently for number collaborative solo pieces, basically best them, all edited at HD720p as usual only compressed last stage retain much detail possible color: yellow font-weight: bold HD 720p version included with no extra cost AVC format mp4 file In case you're not sure whether these clips will play on your system can download test clip which same If full http: acidgfx com vid acidgfx_backdrops2_hd_test_clip_720p 1 | acidgfx_backdrops2_hd_test_clip_1080p 2 1080p won't then install videolan org VLC Media Player try again !--This time we're actually upping ante bit by including Free AVCHD BlueRay disk image along regular PAL NTSC an idea testing should be able burn onto DVD-R BluRay Please note we still very technology so there may odd hiccup here there, thought was worth making available option soon -- features 81 minutes superbly detailed organic abstract animations makes excellent digital backdrop club or party equally used mix VJs It intended clubs public venues performance license purchase intro credits animation minimal maintenance live environment plays put disc also loops automatically has simple chapter menu VJ use div idagfx_item_summary Visuals: Jim Sullivan Audio: None Licensing: ok Run-time: mins Aspect: 16:9 widescreen Standard: Region: Type: Video size: ~3 9gb You read about abstractvisuals website green Once purchased, taken url where waiting make our ?p1%2EVisuals%2F3%2EDVD%2Ddownloads trkproductPageLink burning guide before purchasing downloadable DVDs choose you'd like USA, Canada, Japan South Korea NTSC, everyone else I'm quite excited while together finally first pack collection selling backdrops shop few haven't been released yet outside Pioneer DVJs home players, downloaded ISO mounted computer releases that mix, instead slow-moving, another one idbd1more # onclick 'bd1desc' display 'block' 'bd1more' 'none' return false info idbd1desc display: don't seem many slow-moving just slowing down result jerky playback give plenty scope silky-slow movement jerkiness total 3-5mins long giving under hour Despite being tested well most types music particles flight framed open space e closed rooms instance means they impose borders when mixed other content them easy their own, over build up some layers, easily key out background foreground layers material start black have 5-sec gradual fade end jolt viewer repeats encoded rich 8mbps quality move slowly too picture-break-ups in, presented clips, spread two pages navigation deliberately chunky large text even small preview monitors Select loop forever Alternatively sequence, shuffle order sequences playlists whcih run 6 hours cover nicely need break mixer, enough accompany DJ sets using standalone visuals DVJ users: all-important DVD-flags set allow mash adjust speed etc watching restricted mode normal copyrighted discs 58 4:3 DVD-Video data 2gb did beta iron any kinks - below comments testers: padding:8px border: 1px dotted #cccccc background-color: #151520 Picture great elements g appear extremely sharp larger great, affected aspect ratio standard definition screen stretching my set-up, that's looked better wide variety house, dance, pop, lounge, chillout, works p alignright Patrick, UK hard how product critical kind guy -, concluded top-notch hopefully come! Bobby, NL Currently want copy add items category pleased *finally* announce arrival follow-up best-selling title Backdrops-1 Backdrops-2! among best-sellers shop, wanted consist hadn't before, had skip sales stats I've working displacement mixing something started looking into properly Lightning Dogs DVDs, majority revolve technique old favourites mine rights gone were native didn't fit BD-1's fitted anywhere never got see light day rendered captured processed down-sampled PAL-widescreen maintain relaxed own Unlike modes ran each, auto-starts its 6-hour+ playlist default access selecting single non-VJs buying BD-1 starting wasn't ideal felt auto-start improvement reduce functionality VJs, allowed completely maintenance-free usage preferred page there's start-with-a-menu version, get both prefer : DVD-players one-piece systems numark DVD01, unattended 5mins plus 10-min bonus gives 70mins longer average base Lighting booth 70 !-- Testimonial Name, chillout pure smooth, gloweyness particle fun mostly made chakra pretty popular YouTube requests specifically really cards showing we'd intended, seemed couldn't resist ended sequence indeed resulting combinations partner energy healer she's helped me right covers major chakras, grounding connecting up, minor chakras apparently ask her firebeans update 63 6gb licensed titles interrupt 62 mayhem exclusively pumping dance brought UK's leading outfits includes either 54 high-speed, mind-bending, psychedelia 12gb Sit back, comfy let take head-spinning trip third production raucous suit faster pace previously suited drum 'n' bass, breakbeat editing 47 ~2 7gb proud present Manchester-based visualist filmmaker, Albino Mosquito quietly picks assembled stills they're chopped way brings degree frantic deceptive because everything 10 approach, isn't overly busy, imagery fierce harsh undeniable I'd say would trying crowd moving, principle running create subconcious frenzy worked off dancing found particularly Drum'n'bass frame length seems mesh elegantly choppy sixteenth beats typical dnb Watch sample playing matches stretch! Themes-wise through primarily filmed photographed footage macro photography, lightwriting automatically, peformance group Kontainer, Cologne, Germany proven customers year pre-mixed answers request varied noticably intense chilled-out bits nothing extreme direction, dancey-type subtractive lovely washes colour whilst beamer doesn't drown rig darker meant DVD, hence 97mins 60ish said within kb maximum size browser hefty money extended periods looping less obvious since idagfx_divx DivX: KONTINUOUS_SAMPLE_divx_750 avi Lo-res KONTINUOUS_SAMPLE_divx_1500 Hi-res 97 part lively head-twisty predominantly super-detailed, displacement-based warpy heavy pulsating strobing strobe warnings place venue Line And Colour, magical exists between says what colours lines look away causes brain generate emotional response can't handle moment Sometimes relaxing, not, way, link directly warming rush chemicals hippocampus You'll feel it, begins introduce basic ideas therapy brain-wave theory humble little world responses selected trial error scientific prediction low-tech effective nonetheless rely produce do things numbers protoype protocol pilgrim quality, figure didn't, timings gathering scenes partied chilled several weeks saved met criteria painstakingly re-created 2xPAL resolution 1440x1152 could Having eventually collected 150 picking those assembling outline selected, jiggled tested, swapped out, re-rendered After non-stop needed coming back fresh eyes transfixed similar Kontinuous multiply patterned Neither second closest thing fair-and-squarely designed twist head friendly, follow-me-on-a-journey-and-see-the-glowing-squid sort know does justice it'll needs built devloped Alas MPEG codec stretched max keep smooth [hide info] 61 Format: download, 4:3, ~4gb onclickwindow 'data speed_test_intro asp','speedtest','locationno,statusyes,scrollbarsyes,resizableyes,left25,top25,directoriesno,menubarno,480,520' Click opens a window first, multiple overtly color:yellow Although ends as-yet un-released uber-glowey nexus 64 done buy

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