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I'm pleased to *finally* announce the arrival of the follow-up to our best-selling title "Backdrops-1"... Backdrops-2!

The last Backdrops DVD was put together based on clips being among the best-sellers in the shop, but this one I wanted to consist of NEW content which hadn't been seen before, so I had to skip the sales stats bit.

I've been working around the idea of displacement mixing which is something I started looking into properly in the Lightning Dogs DVDs, and the majority of the clips on this DVD revolve around particles and that technique.

There are also a few old favourites of mine which by all rights should have gone into Backdrops-1 but were native HD in 16:9 so didn't fit with BD-1's 4:3 format and haven't quite fitted in anywhere else so never got to see the light of day.

All the clips on this DVD were rendered or captured and then processed at 1080p and then down-sampled to PAL-widescreen to maintain the best possible picture quality.

The clips are intended as slow-moving, relaxed backdrops which can be used on their own or mixed over.

Unlike Backdrops-1 which started with a menu (for VJs) but also had "play all" and "shuffle" modes which ran for
around 6 hours each, this DVD auto-starts in shuffle mode and loops its 6-hour+ playlist forever by default.

You can still access the menu and as before, selecting a single clip to mix over will just loop that clip on its own
but there were a lot of non-VJs also buying BD-1 so starting with a menu wasn't ideal for them.

I felt the auto-start was an improvement which didn't reduce the functionality for VJs, but also allowed completely maintenance-free usage if preferred like most of our other DVDs.

At the download page there's the option of the auto-start version or the start-with-a-menu version, or get both if
you prefer :)

This DVD is intended for use on DVJs as well as regular DVD-players and one-piece systems like the numark DVD01, and it even works as a standalone DVD to run unattended if need be.

The clips are all 5mins long plus one 10-min bonus clip which gives you 70mins of content in total.

These clips are deliberately all a bit longer than average so that they can be used as a base to mix with or can just be set to play on their own for a while if you need a break from the VJ/DJ/Lighting booth.

Note For Pioneer DVJ users:
This DVD has the all-important DVD-flags set which allow you to actually mash up the loops on your DVJs and adjust the speed etc rather than just watching them in "restricted mode" like normal copyrighted discs.

Visuals: ACIDGFX
Audio: none
Licensing: Club
Run-time: 70 mins
Aspect: 16:9 (Widescreen)
Standard: PAL & NTSC (by download)
Region: ALL
Type: Separate clips, DVD-Video (not data)
Download size: ~3.9gb

  • Once purchased, you will be taken to a download url where your DVD will be waiting for you to download. Please make sure you read our DVD download/burning guide before purchasing downloadable DVDs.

  • You can choose which format you'd like the video in at the download stage. The USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea use NTSC, everyone else should download the PAL version.
    £9.99 (€11.11, $15.12)
    If you have problems ordering please email and we'll be happy to help.
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