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This is the new chillout title from AcidGFX which is just over an hour of pure smooth, slow-moving gloweyness and particle fun.

It's mostly made up of my "chakra" animations which haven't been on download before but have been pretty popular on YouTube. There have been quite a few requests for a title like this and for some of these clips specifically so this has really been on the cards for a while now.

Rather than showing the clips individually as we'd first intended, the clips all just seemed to mix so nicely that I couldn't really resist. So it's ended up as a mixed sequence and I've been very pleased indeed with some of the resulting combinations.

My partner is an energy healer and she's helped me get the composition right and also made sure that the full video covers all major chakras, as well as grounding and connecting up, and some minor chakras too apparently. You'd have to ask her about that though ( I will update this with better info as soon as I have it.

Visuals: ACIDGFX
Audio: None
Licensing: Club/public performance ok
Run-time: 63 mins
Aspect: 16:9 (Widescreen)
Standard: PAL & NTSC
Region: ALL
Type: Video Mix
Download size: ~3.6gb

This version is intended for use in clubs or public venues. It is licensed for public performance playback and there are no intro titles or end credits to interrupt the visuals.

  • Once purchased, you will be taken to a download url where your DVD will be waiting for you to download. Please make sure you read our DVD download/burning guide before purchasing downloadable DVDs.

  • You can choose which format you'd like the video in at the download stage. The USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea use NTSC, everyone else should download the PAL version.
    £9.99 (€11.11, $15.12)
    If you have problems ordering please email and we'll be happy to help.
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