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This is part 1 of "Lightning Dogs" and is the more lively of the two DVDs.

The mixing is a bit more head-twisty with predominantly super-detailed, displacement-based mixing which makes for some quite warpy visuals.

This version is intended for use in clubs or public venues. It plays and loops automatically but also includes a menu for live/VJ use and is licensed for public performance playback. There are also no intro titles or end credits either on this version.

HD 720p version now included with this DVD at no extra cost.
This HD version is a 720p AVC format .mp4 file. In case you're not sure whether these clips will play on your system you can download a test clip which is the same format. If you can play the test clip you can play the full clips.

Test clip 1 (720p) | Test clip 2 (1080p)

If the test clip won't play then install VLC Media Player and try again.

There is quite a lot of heavy pulsating/strobing in this DVD. It is not a chillout DVD. Please make sure you have your strobe warnings in place if playing this at a public venue.

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Visuals: ACIDGFX
Audio: none
Licensing: Club
Run-time: 61 mins
Format: DVD-Video download, AVC mp4 for HD
Aspect: 4:3, 16:9 for HD version
Standard: PAL & NTSC, now also HD 720p
Region: ALL
Type: Video Mix
Download size: ~4gb

You can choose which format you'd like the video in at the download stage. The USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea use NTSC, everyone else should download the PAL version.

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£9.99 (€11.11, $15.12)
If you have problems ordering please email and we'll be happy to help.
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