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Visuals/Why Visuals
Why Visuals?

Visuals and audio enjoy a strange relationship. Much of the time Visuals are like a good surround-sound setup - if it's done right, you don't even realise it's there because you're so involved with the experience.

Simply controlling so many square metres of light and dark can have a direct impact on a club.

You can also communicate an idea at the speed of light.

Yawns have been shown to be infectious... you see someone yawn on TV and there's an undeniable pang to stretch those jaw muscles. There was no conscious exchange of information or a "yawning schedule" - you see it, you do. Simple really.

Why visuals? well there's the answer right there. "subconscious mirroring". You see someone yawn and you can feel the yawn build already....see people dancing, you feel like dancing. You as club promoter, party organiser, VJ etc have the opportunity to, to a large degree, control the mood in your club simply by what you show on your projector screens or plasmas, and enhance what may already be a colourful experience for your customers.

Whether it's folks dancing round a flickering camp fire or ravers strobing-it-out in a club, it's the same deal....glowey stuff rocks \o/

Take control of your visual environment!

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