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We sell visuals on DVD, both our own AcidGFX productions as well as from other artists. Most of our DVDs are available in either "Home" and "Club" licensed versions.

The "Club" licensed DVDs aren't just licensed for use in a public venue, the DVDs themselves are optimised for club use too. Just put the disc in and it'll play and loop automatically until you tell it otherwise - no need to have someone on standby ready to hit "play" when the DVD ends and no unsightly menus popping up either, just gorgeous visuals all night.

We recently stopped doing DVDs by post in order to concentrate on downloads and spend more time producing visuals than processing orders. The downloadable DVDs have proven *very* popular with our customers and accounted for most of our sales which helped the decision, and the post has become increasingly unreliable. If you have a reasonably fast broadband connection and a DVD-writer, the downloads could save you a lot of time, meaning delivery of your product within a matter of hours, rather than waiting for the post.

Needless to say this has benefitted our overseas customers the most with folks from the USA, Canada, Australia and Brazil (to name but a few) all taking advantage of the download option.

To cope with the recent demand for DVD download, we've just upgraded to a new download system which is based on Amazon's "Content Delivery Network" for maximum download speed worldwide, and to ensure a swift and painless download experience.

To help ensure you get a perfect DVD-burn we've also added step-by-step DVD burning guides for popular burning software on the PC and Mac.

Here's what some of our recent customers had to say:

"Just a note thanking you for the DVDs I purchased and downloaded. They are just great and look to do more business in the future. These DVDs were better then expected and can't wait to use them in my next show. Thanks again"
(Ken C, USA)

"This is, without a doubt, the best site for visual playback that I've found so far. As you can see I'm already a happy client. I'm downloading the DVD now and will try it out. Thanks again and don't be surprised if I buy another DVD or two :)"
(B. Kleyman, USA)

"I can't rate ACIDGFX highly enough. Their service was top-notch the whole way through; I don't think I've even experienced a firm who seemed to care so much. The products were excellent, the after-sales was first class. The effort put into their step-by-step guides made it an enjoyable experience from start to finish. I can't thank Bernie enough for his understanding and friendly advice. I have already recommended to my friends....Thanking you, Neil."
(N. Waters, Eire)

Although we don't sell on there anymore, we started off on Ebay which has an excellent feedback system. here's what my Ebay customers had to say about our DVDs. That's over 500 satisfied customers on Ebay alone!

  • "This product is excellent, 5***** service overall EXCELLENT."

  • "Prompt Delivery, Great ebayer, great DVD"

  • "Fantastic,helpful service and speedy delivery. Will definitely buy from again."

  • "The fastest delivery ever seen! Quality product, MY BEST EBAY EXPERIENCE EVER!!"

  • "Delivered in UNDER 24 HRS!! + feedback deserved without even opening parcel! : )"

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