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This is intended as a rough guide/checklist for anyone considering buying a downloadable DVD from us. Please note that you will need broadband to be able to download DVDs.

Downloadable DVDs offer several advantages over physical discs:

  • Rapid delivery
    no more waiting for the post, get your DVD in a few hours rather than days

  • No shipping costs
    So why not try one DVD and come back once you're happy with the system?

  • No import duty

  • Burn onto your choice of media
    Use media you *know* works with your playback hardware

  • Burn your own replacements
    Now you can burn a backup to use live and if it gets damaged - no loss, just burn another :)

Please note that this service is primarily offered to save our customers time on postage. It is assumed you have a fast internet connetion and are familiar with burning DVDs. We recently added step-by-step photo guides for Nero (popular), ImgBurn (free) and Toast (mac) burning software. If you have any queries about the download process or your ability to burn the DVD please ask us about it first - we'll be happy to help.

Please note if you are considering purchasing a downloadable DVD, please be aware that some browsers have issues with downloading very large files (i.e. files over 2.1gb).

According to our testing the downloads work OK on Firefox and IE7 on Windows and also OK on Safari on Macintosh. IE6 on PC is known to have issues with files of this size (over 2gb), in which case please either upgrade to IE7 or download Firefox and do the download with that. Firefox is probably the quickest and least-invasive solution if you only have IE6. If you still have download problems then please try with a resuming download manager like Getright.

if you're not happy with your purchase we offer a Full Money Back Guarantee

"I can't rate ACIDGFX highly enough. Their service was top-notch the whole way through; I don't think I've even experienced a firm who seemed to care so much. The products were excellent, the after-sales was first class. The effort put into their step-by-step guides made it an enjoyable experience from start to finish. I can't thank Bernie enough for his understanding and friendly advice. I have already recommended to my friends....Thanking you, Neil."
(N. Waters, Eire)

"The order process worked very smoothly. No problems with burning or playing, all worked perfectly. Thanks so much for the DVD, it's fantastic!"
(J. North, JNC Entertainment, Canada)

Please note: By purchasing downloadable DVDs on this site you're licensed to burn a copy to use and a backup. That doesn't mean you're licensed to download and burn any other DVDs, films etc not covered by the licensing on this site. Unfortunately we can't offer support for DVDs not purchased from this site.

Product Feature:
Lightning Dogs 2 [club, download], by AcidGFX
Lightning Dogs 2 [club, download] by AcidGFX
This is part 2 of "Lightning Dogs" and is the more relaxed of the two DVDs.

This is the second DVD which is a bit less lively than the first, using mostly multiple mixing which makes for some lovely colour washes and patterned movement. There is some displacement-based mixing but not as overtly intense as the first DVD.

Neither of the Lightning Dogs is a chillout DVD but this would be the more relaxed of the two..
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