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Awards? (plural?) I know it might seem like overkill but I figure two visuals-related awards warrants an awards page...once could be fluke after all ;) (may '07)
...Well that's the third win so fingers crossed that's not just fluke then ;) (june '07)

May 2007 - VJ Maestro *double win*

This has just been finalised... the contest was to make a VJ/video mix to accompany each of any one (or more) of 3 music tracks which were posted on the site. Both my entries won and although there weren't as many entries as I'd hoped for a win's a win...and two wins is even better :)

As it turned out the loops I'd uploaded to fullscreen music for the last competition were all as WMVs which couldn't then be downloaded again from the site. Since the contest rules stated that you could only use what was available off the site I figured this might be a good time to try something different, hence both these videos are made with *only* other people's loops...

Since the first contest in April my videos on FSM have had just over 20,000 views which is fantastic exposure.

Thanks very much to everyone who voted for my videos, both of which are below, enjoy & mind the panthers ;)

Entry for "Rotten Ear" by Third Ear Syndrome

Entry for "Spreading Isolation" by Third Ear Syndrome

April 2007 - Clips contest winner

This has just gone - it was basically a "Who's got (and can upload)  the most original VJ-loops contest" which started out quite relaxed and ended up an intense creating/uploading battle which took us over 180 clips to win.

The cash prize has just gone towards a new DV camera to replace my battle-worn JVC :)

You can see a bunch of the clips I uploaded here

Feb 2006 - Pilgrim Visuals VJ contest winner

The challenge was to produce a custom video filter effect or combination of layers using Pilgrim R2 Pro.

My entry was based around a filter which acts like a swirly magnifying glass which you can move around the screen but which will ease to rest when let go of.

See the Pilgrim Visuals site for more details about the contest or go here to download a sample of the filter in action.

The prize was a top-of-the-line graphics card which is still serving me well today :)

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