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Testimonials from people are always good, but ultimately many of my DVDs get sold via ebay so here's a few recent feedback entries from my Ebay account. The other feedback shown below is from people I've worked with or done DVDs for.
  • "This product is excellent, 5***** service overall EXCELLENT."

  • "Prompt Delivery, Great ebayer, great DVD"

  • "Fantastic,helpful service and speedy delivery. Will definately buy from again."

  • "The fastest delivery ever seen! Quality product, MY BEST EBAY EXPERIENCE EVER!!"

  • "Delivered in UNDER 24 HRS!! + feedback deserved without even opening parcel! : )"
Want to see more feedback? There's over 500 satisfied Acidgfx customers on Ebay alone!

"Gotta say that without those graphics, ' Sessions' wouldn't be half the show that we're turning out every month! I am honestly a very proud promoter when standing on stage with such an awesome sight on the screens. Truly professional.


Jon H. and all at SESSIONS

"Those graphics were f**king amazing"

Tom, Audio Bullys.

"First. Bernie.
Thanks for sending me over your generic footage for the Club matrix launch. Your Pilgrim generated stuff was truly beautiful on the night, stunning when dropped in the mix.

I can honestly say "I WAS PROUD TO INCLUDE IT" in the launch tonight. And YES I made a point of including it for you during each of the Ferry Corsten, Jon O'Bir and Chris Davis sets.

For the guys behind Pilgrim. Although I haven't used or tried the software the generics LD50 has created by using it was superb in both quality and production. (and yes thats ME complimenting both developer and end user in public)

LD50 On the strength of your generic content alone, TBC invite you to play live with us in the near future at the matrix. The choice is yours to make on providing upstream generics and / or also handling the main desk live cam crews & matrix/routing.

Fee TBA at your discretion.


PS Pligrim crew.
If LD50s work is representative of your software in action. I'd
happily recommend it as a source of upstream content to any VJ."

"Jorjo" From Timebase Collective (Ireland), posted on the "Eyecandy" VJ messageboard.

"We could not have been more pleased working with LD50.  With no previous connection, we found ACIDGFX via Google and contacted him on a Tuesday morning with a request for custom visuals by Saturday for a show.

We didn't expect much more than a watermark given the short notice. Instead we had custom animation involving our theme, several of our logos incorporated, and it was all done by Friday afternoon.  We're across the pond in Chicago, so LD50 had our visuals on a fast server for us to download well in time for the show.

It was an overwhelmingly positive experience when you also take into consideration the price and constant communication we had throughout that week.

Thanks so much.

- Jeff Vyduna and the Club303 team"

[thanks very much to all for taking the time to write a few words]

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