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I am not a PayPal member, can I use the PayPal checkout?
YES. To the very best of my knowledge you do not need to be a member of PayPal to use the PayPal checkout. It used to be that way but then it changed and PayPal introduced the "one-page-signup" (payment) page. However I believe you are only be able to pay using Credit/Debit cards though using this method - setting up bank funding still takes a few days.

I am on a modem or mobile device can I download DVDs?
Almost certainly No. It would take weeks... Short VJ content you may be able to download but it'll be quicker/easier to find a friend with broadband.

What speed broadband do I need to use the download service?
Ideally about 2mbps (Mega-Bits per second). As long as you have over 512kbps (Kilo-bits per second) you should be able to download DVDs. I would strongly suggest downloading one of the demo DVDs though. They are about 1gb each so fi that's managable then a DVD will take about 3-4x as long.

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