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ACIDGFX is a concept which started back in 96/7 and represents an uncompromising determination to produce unashamedly over-the-top visuals.

Combining my background in realtime 3d with too many years sat in front of various 3d and video packages as well as a love of chrome, fire and all things shiny & glowey, a unique visual flavour has emerged.

Having lain dormant for several years whilst doing www programming, the recently emerging VJ scene accidentally proved itself to be the perfect environment for my work which, in the past, has often been a little bit "over the top" for most commercial 3d applications. However, for a room full of clubbers and as backing for loud repetitive beats it's just the ticket ;-)

In the time since the first Sessions  and thanks to Funky & Warren's (from PSL & XLVideo respectively) epic hardware setups I've been able to unleash wibbly videos on unsuspecting Sessions regulars on progressively bigger and bigger video rigs along to the sounds of Way out West, Audio Bullys etc.

Somewhere along the way I produced a couple of short videos, then a DVD, then another and then started making contact with similar folks around the UK, Europe, and occasionally the USA and before you know it there's a shop full of DVDs.

In Nov 2005 I got to work with break-core artist Machinochrist on a live show at the infamous Marquee Club in Leicester Square. The night was put on by Metal/noise label Anticulture Records.

'06 saw AcidGFX bringing work form other like-minded video bods to the shelves in DVD-form, namely the works of Albino Mosquito, Hollowsphere and Jim Sullivan to name but a few.

'07 started off with several Visuals contest wins on and lots of great live gigs and parties playing at Who's Hardcore, Sanxion and of course the big mud-fest Glastonbury. In the autumn and winter of 07 we enjoyed brief glory in the form of our TV station (AcidTV) having a 3-month run on Sky TV until the channel hosting us folded (hopefully returning soon).

AcidGFX at Glasters 07

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