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I originate most of my visuals in a little package called "Pilgrim" made by some very nice Dutch guys :-)

Pilgrim is a realtime 3d package (so no rendering) but rather than being based around frames and seconds it's based around beats, loops and MIDI triggers. It might seem a bit techy to some but in the right hands it's an awesome bit of kit.

Whilst it can be a bit frustrating and fiddly at times, Pilgrim is an *incredibly* powerful package. I find the 3d editing section a bit clunky but it allows you to link pretty much any input parameter to any other scene parameter e.g. you could have a 3d ball which bobs up and down to the beat whilst the texture changes according to the average frequency or any number of other parameters you can specify. You can write your own expressions & formulae and can link it all to MIDI too. It's the only package I've used which enables me to quickly create what I imagine.

Pilgrim takes advantage of all the latest DX9 hardware inc. pixel shaders which means it's possible to create some truly stunning visuals. The guys who make it are thoroughly nice guys and are as bonkers as the rest of us! It's rare to see such enthusiasm and belief in a product.

You can get a demo of Pilgrim from their website, and it's well worth a go. Here's a vital tip RTFM!

For more details see my review of Pilgrim on VJ Central  and now my review of Pilgrim R2 Pro 3d, also on VJ central

Pilgrim R.I.P.
Unfortunately development on Pilgrim has stopped and as of 31/12/07 it's no longer on sale so basically unless you can find someone willing to sell you their license there's no way of legally obtaining a copy :(

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