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There's a fair few people behind what we do - here's some credit where it's due...


VJ Fusion from Manchester, currently has two DVDs on sale with us and is behind the "Burst couch" and "Most Significant Byte" events to be found in Manchester. His site is here:

Albino Mosquito
VJ/Video artist also hailing from Manchester. He's just finished his third DVD which is now on sale in the shop. In the mean time check his myspace page or Youtube Channel.

Jim Sullivan (Abstract Visuals)
Jim's work has recently been featured on "HypTV" (on Sky) and by now has four DVDs with us, all of which have been rather popular. Starting from his second DVD (Smooth Energy) the source footage was all created and assembled at HD (720p) and was only mixed down to DVD to maintain the highest picture quality throughout the production process. Jim's site is here:

Natural Relaxation
K. Hill aka Natural Relaxation has just completed her first meditation/relaxation DVD intended as a natural relaxation/meditation aid. Her website is here.


Dom Almond
Dom Produced and mixed the music for both my DVDs so far (and done a fantastic job on both!), and was runner up to DJ Yousef in Muzik mag's "Bedroom Bedlam" nationwide DJ competition, as well as having several releases under his belt.

See his website here:
or his "myspace" here:

Root Cause
Signed to MusicFree label, Root Cause produced the music for "Tunnel Vision" (released August '07).

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