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In order to better service our customers rather than have one blanket email list which covers everything we've got several, each which deal with a particular area. *Hopefully* this means you only get the updates you want, and no others. There are full details of each list and what it covers below, along with one combined opt-in form:

Main list
- General updates, new releases, free stuff, special offers. Sent roughly every two weeks.

"In The Loop"
- VJ content updates. Short emails sent when we have added new VJ content, VJ mixes or VJ-related downloads.

- Info related to DVDs only, new releases, downloads and DVD demos.

Custom Visuals & production
- Developments and announcements for people interested in custom visuals, logo animations or music videos. We're developing this area at the moment - sign up if you're interested in custom visuals or fancy being a test-subject for our new products.

Please feel free to sign up to the mailing list/s below - but please be advised that due to recent changes in our hosting setup things like the loopsdemos, demo DVD etc are currently no longer available. It's all being worked through but there's a lot to cover so it's going to be chaos for a while. Apologies and thanks for your patience during this time.

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