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This is basically just a list for reference as to which events you might have seen my video/visuals at (and my chance to name-drop ;) ), which DJs I've played with live or in the case of DVDs have been "played behind".

Huge Triple Screen setup at Nick Warren's 40th Birthday WOW gig, Sessions, UK
Huge Triple Screen setup at Nick Warren's 40th Birthday WOW gig, Sessions, UK


- Various Hardcore DJs at Who's Hardcore events - Dougal and Seduction are the main ones which spring to mind

- Breathe, Pink Floyd Tribute band on a multi-mega-screen spectacular at the Shakespearience Theatre in Stratford. That involved video floating in mid-air on two multi-projector setups at the same time on a rather large set of screens.

- Annie Mac, Andy Cato (from Groove Armada), Cake boy and various others whos names I didn't catch at Glastonbury 07

- Various DJs on AcidTV, Sky ch 192. This is basically VJing along to DJs on a TV programme I co-run - last time we were live we had Shmoo, Dougal, Vibes and Junior among others.


- Plump DJs (Sessions 28/01)

- Helter Skelter NYE, HTID arena alongside RadioFree
(click for a short video - Divx 5 required)
Ultimately I have no idea who was playing at which time but apparently the list included Hixxy, Styles & Breeze, Mark EG, Seduction, Sy & Unknown, Brisk Robbie Long & Ham, K Complex & AMS, Recon ( I think the actual line up changed on the night - I think even Dougal certainly appeared in that list somewhere but who actually played when is a bit of a mystery...great start to the year though ;-) )

Pre-recorded or semi-live (mostly Sessions):
- Dj Hyper
- Plump DJs
- Seb Fontaine
- Mutiny
- Futureshock.
- Tim Deluxe

- Fragile (Brighton)
- Fuel / GasStreet (Birmingham/ Marbella)
- Sessions


- Machinochrist Live at the legendary Marquee Club, London
- Jody Wisternoff (Sessions, Northampton)
- Stanton Warriors (Sessions, Northampton)
- Lo Fidelity Allstars (Sessions, Northampton)
- Audio Bullys (Sessions, Northampton)
- Way Out West (Sessions, Northampton)
- Mutiny (Sessions, Northampton)
- Circulation (Sessions, Northampton)
- Savers  (Sessions, Northampton)
- Seb Fontaine  (twice, Sessions, Northampton)
- Anya [VIP] (Sessions, Northampton)

- Unknown DJs (Kube, Dublin) (unknown to me!)
- Ferry Torsten (Matrix Club, Dublin)
- Jon O'Bir (Matrix Club, Dublin)
- Chris Davis  (Matrix Club, Dublin)
- Westwood (Empire, Milton Keynes)
- Club 303 (Chicago)

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