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Machinochrist - vampire
This is a short sample of the video rehearsal before the Machinochrist gig at the Racehorse - this sample doesn't do the tune justice in the slightest but it'll have to do for now. Tom's got the full mp3's available on his site - see the Machinochrist link on the menu.

ACIDGFX: Industrial strength (35mb, DivX5, 640x480)
This tester comprises almost entirely new stuff, with random video footage from welding, grinding and shenanigery from over the weekend and trying to composite slightly differently from how I normally do. Having just finished and uploaded the video for Club303 in Chicago I was on a roll with a head full of ideas (Sat 6am!). ;-) Naturally it was built, edited and recorded to the sounds of Dave Clarke... who else?

Metripolis 3.03 (102mb, DivX5)
Done in 2001, this was my first foray into the world of clubby "visuals" (i.e. imagery with no purpose other than to look pretty). It was mostly created in Particle Illusion 2.

To play the videos you'll need the DivX Codec. If you haven't already got it, get it here.

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