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Pilgrim Stuff/R2 Musings
Now that the site is gradually getting into shape I've actually got around to tinkering in pilgrim again - as in making *new* rather than just covering the same ground.

I've had some major "fun" (major pita) with rebuilding my machines to make the most of R2 but also get the sort of performance I got with R1.

I only recently did my first paying project with R2 which is where it turned into a mission as that's where the hard drive shenanigans started.

Anyhow I reckon I've pretty much got to grips with R2 for the most part and am starting to have some fun with it and am starting to  find out what's it's capable of. I have to say the IMO environment mapping stuff which allows for pseudo raytracing is just fan-tastic.

Below is a link to a short capture of stuff I'm working on at the moment (for the next DVD)...

Test clip (15mb, 55sec, divx5)

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