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AV3 - live visuals, projectors and rigging, we spent Glastonbury 07 dodging the downpours with AV3...aah memories ;)

Kid Kadian's myspace US-based VJ/producer. His myspace has his audio productions as well as VJ mixes. Nice Choppy style of mixing not dissimilar to Matt CataraX (A Good Thing imo). We have his recently-released DVD right here in our shop. - CataraX VJ
Some fine visual shenannigans and one of our patient site/download testers (thanks!).
Jim Sullivan's home-site - lots of Jim's latest work on there. He currently has several DVDs in our shop.
Home site of VJ Fusion - check it for HippoCamp event listings.

Albino Mosquito's Myspace page, with video mixes & VJ sets as well as Hippocamp-related material. He currently has two DVDs on sale in our shop.

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