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Links/VJs and Visualists - Site run by Swedish Vs. Videos of recent gigs and lots more. - A huge amount of VJ links and references to VJ resources. Despite the url it's actually not all in spanish which makes it easier to understand. Most use useful even if you're not from Spain.

Mobsavers - A small selection of Free Mobile Screensavers for your perusal.

Red Dragon Productions
Website/Video blog of VJ "Dragone Rosso" (Red Dragon) from Treviso in northern Italy - mostly featuring video mixes and recordings from his VJ sets, mostly hard dance & hardstyle, well worth checking out - very banging! We're hoping to have some content for him soon so if you like his work let us know!
I don't understand a word of it because it's all in portuguese but this site belongs to another video loon i chat to quite a bit on msn :-) Check the demo videos!

Cyberdude Productions
Home site of VJ Cyberdude. Resident VJ and electronic musician at Balak's Discotek in Tijuana, Mexico - go cyberdude! \o/

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