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The art and Science of Digital Compositing
Amazon link to a book well worth a read for anyone interested in compositing (real-time or otherwise).

If you're a VJ or visuals producer it's well worth a look because it gives a traditional compositing approach and explicitly and authoritatively defines all the crap about pixel aspect ratios, panavision vs cinescope, and the way the different colour spaces work.

It's a bit of a heavy book to digest - I find it's one to browse randomly for scattered learning or reference rather than one to do cover to cover.

Advanced Renderman
Amazon link to a book which does 3d from the ground up. Quite heavy going at times but remarkably relevant.

The renderman book is also awesome from a putting-3d-onto-film perspective. Really explains in *detail* about how and why things like depth of field occurs etc and exactly how and why rendering and lighting works the way it does. It's quite heavy going I found but if it's about putting polygons on screen it's in there.
"6800 Leagues Under the Sea" - some random info I found pretty useful from an Nvidia presentation about making convincing HDR images on Nvidia graphics hardware.

The Nvidia link is from a seminar or something I found randomly whilst digging around their site. It shows the realtime-graphics-hardware side of how to implement what's in the previous two books which as a visuals producer means how you apply those techniques to the software *you* use. It explains some ways to recreate HDR lighting effects convincingly in an nvidia environment. *super* interesting reading.

This is particularly relelvant for pilgrim users since it veged on explaining about using and writing fx scripts directly to the pixel shaders. Which is something I think pilgrim actually supports directly.

This is starting to get to the limits of my understanding of the subject though so if you have good reference links for this type of stuff send them in.

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