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Links/Other Pilgrim Users
We've migrated the old pilgrim forums to a new and better platform which lets members share filters, projects and other pilgrim-related stuff.  If ou were a member of the old forums your details will have been migrated along with the rest so your old login and password should work. Check it at

Since the discontinuation of Pilgrim R2, it's users are now officially an endangered species. Here are a few that remain...

Pilgrim work of Rod666

VJ Mile's recent work - Pilgrim users from Switzerland - project ends end of this year, related continuation/blog here.

VJ Vital - VJ (and crew) from the Ukraine and long-time Pilgrim user. Eightprime Arts - an independent visuals enterprise.

VJ Technolust - Long-standing pilgrim user.

VJ Dag - Mind Remapping Visuals from Sweden... (apparently)

Please note the old pilgrim forum still exists Here. Please make sure you email us to let us if you create a new account to let us know you're a human, the site gets a lot of spam signups so no accompanying email means no account activation.

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