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Hippocamp - electronica netlabel/collective - full info what that means on their site :)

Blatant plug for our video streaming station - run by myself and Skoobz from Radio Free. Hardcore, Hardstyle, Old-skool and beyond pretty much covers the musical stylee.
Dom did the music for the first DVD as well as the soundtrack whcih is now being used for #2. He's available for remix work although I think he's pretty much booked up for the time being.

Internet radio station run by Skoobz - co conspirateur in AcidTV shenannigery. Banging techno, burgers &
As far as I know that's Pete & Chewie's site - they DJ as a pair (regulars at sessions iirc) and also have a show on RadioFree.

Beat-twisting-break-core loon and the source of much beautiful noise. You can download some of his tracks off the site I believe, new EP coming out shortly on Anticulture.

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The new face of metal?

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