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This is the eagerly awaited latest offering from visual maestro Jim Sullivan. An hour of gorgeously crisp, detailed abstract animation loosely based around the theme of energy. The original visuals were all created at HD resolution (720p, 1280x720) and have only been compressed to DVD as the last stage to preserve as much of the detail as possible.

The DVD features an hour of superbly detailed organic abstract animations which makes an exellent digital backdrop for a club or party or can equally be used to mix with by VJs.

It is intended for clubs and public venues so a public performance license is included in the purchase and there are no intro or credits on the animation. For minimal maintenance in a live/club environment the DVD plays as soon as you put the disc in and also loops automatically but also has a simple chapter menu for VJ use.

This is the second collaborative DVD from the ACIDGFX stable and our first HD-based production.

Some of Jim's earlier work has been featured on HypTV (Sky/cable click for video 4mins, 18mb) and has also been shown at various swiss film festivals over the last year or so.

Visuals: Jim Sullivan
Audio: None
Licensing: Club/Public performance ok
Run-time: 60 mins
Aspect: 16:9 (widescreen)
Standard: PAL & NTSC
Region: ALL
Type: Video Mix
Download size: ~3.7gb

Click here for screenshots from the DVD.

You can read more about Jim Sullivan and his work on his website

  • Once purchased, you will be taken to a download url where your DVD will be waiting for you to download. Please make sure you read our DVD download/burning guide before purchasing downloadable DVDs.

  • You can choose which format you'd like the video in at the download stage. The USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea use NTSC, everyone else should download the PAL version.
    £8.99 (€10.00, $13.61)
    If you have problems ordering please email and we'll be happy to help.
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