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54 mins of high-speed, mind-bending, abstract psychedelia brought to you by one of the UK's leading visuals outfits.

This was edited in a slightly different way from my first DVD. Clips were generally not repeated and the whole thing was edited more like a film than a set of looping elements/clips. It took a LOT longer to put together but I'm very pleased with the end result and the journey it takes.

It gets quite bright towards the end with several "whiteout" type moments so might be best suited to a setup where the projector is the main source of lighting since it might drown out other lighting at that point.

It was edited to the sound of tunes of about 145-150bpm so would be suited to hard house or uptempo techno.
Visuals: ACIDGFX
Audio: None
Licensing: Club/Public performance ok
Run-time: 54 mins
Aspect: 4:3
Resolution: 720x576 x 25fps
Type: Video only mix AVC/MP4 format
download size: ~3.9gb

This version is intended for use in clubs or public venues. It is licensed for public performance playback and there are no intro titles or end credits to interrupt the visuals.

  • Once purchased, you will be taken to a download url where your files will be waiting for you to download. Files are provided as MP4/AVC format. If you wish to make a playable video DVD from this download please see our MP4 to DVD conversion guide
  • £9.99 (€11.11, $15.12)
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