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If you want something a bit more specific to *your* DJ-set, clubnight or venue, getting some custom visuals might be a good plan. We have a range of options available, from a simple customised version of one of our existing DVDs with a static logo right up to a from-scratch DVD or visuals sequence to accompany a live set for a DJ or stage performance.

Custom visuals can:
  • Incorporate your DJ name or venue logo to reinforce your event's branding/core values
  • Focus on particular colours or themes to compliment your event or venue
  • Be adjusted to match the speed of your music
We are finding more and more DJs who want to stand out from the crowd are coming to us to get custom visuals made, both for entire sets and for individual tracks they've written and are promoting. In response to this are developing new services and ideas in this area and have set up a dedicated newsletter to cover just this.

If you are a DJ or promoter and are considering adding visuals to your night then please get in touch directly or enter your details in the form at the bottom of the page and we'll let you know when we have something which may be of interest to you :).

We are actively developing products to match *your* needs so if you have specific requirements then let us know and get involved in the development! We also use this newsletter to pick beta testers for new technologies we implement so subscribe if that's of interest to you too.

Customised DVDs:
Rather than doing a "from scratch" custom DVD, it's often much easier and just as effective to get one of our existing DVDs customised.

All you need is a decent quality 2d logo and we can produce a customised version of selected DVDs based around a pre-built template. Currently "Tunnel Vision" and "Trust Unto Chaos" available, with more to be added soon.

So far I've been pleasantly suprised by how good a result you get for not a lot of cash with this method. You get two copies of the DVD by post, there are some examples below...
Click to play a sample clip
Sanctuary promotions
Custom DVD from 2d logo, based on "Tunnel Vision" DVD. Cost: 65
Custom DVD from 2d logo, based on "Tunnel Vision" DVD. Cost: 65
Divine Disco
Custom DVD from 2d logo, based on "Trust Unto Chaos" DVD. Cost: 65
House heaven
Custom DVD from 2d logo, based on "Tunnel Vision" DVD but with 4 extra branding messages shown alternately after each logo appearance. Cost: 115
Ideally Mute the audio track in the player and watch these clips along to your music to get an idea if it fits well.
£65, delivered by download.
  • Additional logos/branding £12.50 each

  • PLEASE NOTE: We recently stopped doing DVDs by post and that includes custom ones. Recently we've found they're delivered much more quickly by download anyway. You only need a broadband connection for the download and a DVD-writer to burn the disc and you're set :)

    "Excellent end product, really pleased with the DVD. Top drawer service all round!!!"
    M Boyce, Republica Events, UK

    Please get in touch if this option sounds like it could be for you.

    Funky 3d logo animation?:
    If you have a vector format version of your logo (e.g. Illustrator/EPS format) or your logo isn't too complex and you know which fonts are used, then there's a good chance we can build a 3-dimensional version of it quite easily.

    The logo could be delivered as loops for your to use in your own VJ mixes, or we can add it over one of our existing DVDs. Having your own logos done can make the branding a real highlight or feature of the visuals.

    This type of work is charged by the hour at £35/hr. We can normally create and animate a 3d version of a logo in about 3-4 hours although this can be less if it's just text (DJ/VJ name for example) or a very simple logo. We normally aim to produce 2 or 3 different variations on how the logo appears to avoid repetition.
    Click to play a sample clip
    AV Entertainments
    Logo animation only - several variations delivered as loops, 2 hours total, Cost: 50*
    AV Entertainments
    The same logo animations once combined with template-based DVD (based on "Tunnel Vision"). Total cost: 115* (including the 50 for logo work mentioned above)
    Dragone Rosso
    Intro animation for Video producer from Italy. 3 hours total, Cost: 75*

    *based on old prices of 25/hr
    Typical 3d-logo animation takes 2-3hrs to make: £75-105

    "Got the logo animation loops earlier today, delivered early so i was able to put them to use last night on my show. They look fantastic and loop perfectly. Thanks for everything"
    C.Spicer, AV Entertainments

    Please get in touch if this option sounds like it could be for you.

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