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The DVDs we sell come with two main types of licensing, "Public performance licensed" and "Private & home use" - here's what it all means. It may seem long-winded but basically we need to have some sort so structure in place to protect all parties concerned. I've tried to keep it as "plain English" as possible throughout.

Throughout I use the term "media" which covers DVDs, downloaded video clips and downloaded DVD images (this option will be available soon).  Please note this is the type of licensing *we* use, which we've defined for our own purposes. The same does not necessarily apply to media you buy on other sites.

If you are concerned wither your intended usage is correctly covered or have any other queries re licensing please email and I'll do my best to help. Please also read the note on flashing lights and seizures at the bottom of this page. All care is taken to ensure this info is correct at the time of publishing but we cannot be held liable for errors and omissions and reserve the right to change this page without notice.

All VJ Loops, Clips and Backdrops are sold under "Club / Public performance" license.

"Club / Public performance licensed" This type of licensing is intended for media to be used by VJs or in clubs, bars, art galleries or other public events.

Note! Please do not confuse the initials with Phonographic Performance Limited who are an organisation like PRS who collect royalties for performers when stuff gets played on the radio etc - this is nothing to do with them whatsoever.

You CAN:
  • Use the media in your own live or pre-recorded performances/pieces for example as part of a VJ set live in a public or private venue like a dance club or festival. No credit / acknowledgement is required in this situation.

  • Use them in your own live or pre-recorded performances/pieces which are to be broadcast on local, national or international television but a credit/acknowledgement is required in this instance. For example, you could use a complete/partial clip as a background in a TV programme or record your VJ set for TV broadcast but a clear credit/acknowledgement to the copyright holder is required.

  • Rent/lease the media but the media must remain intact (i.e. you arent allowed to edit the credits off) and the copyright holder must be credited as such. If you are interested in re-selling or leasing footage, however, please get in touch about a reseller agreement.

  • Sell your disc to another person (i.e. re-sell). In this case they hold the license and you are no longer licensed to use the disc. When selling the media it must remain as it was with any credits intact (i.e. not edited!)
Any other usage is unlicensed. Media we sell with this type of license (which is intended for VJs) will generally not have any intro or credits on the main video and is normally slightly more expensive than "Private & Home use" licensed media (see below).

"Private & Home use" This is basically the same sort of license you'd get with a regular music CD or DVD.

It means you're licensed to use the media in a private or home envrionment e.g. private party, at home alone or with friends etc. It's not intended for use in public venues or performances, or to be broadcast on television, rented or leased but you are allowed to sell it, but by doing so you transfer the license to the new owner which means you're no longer licensed to use it (i.e. copying it and selling on the original is a no-go).

In most cases media with this type of license will be slightly cheaper than "Public Performance Licensed" media, but will have an intro and credits like a regular film or TV programme.

Important! Flashing lights & seizures warning
Although our media do not contain adult content, they are intended for use only by persons over 18 years of age. Many of our media feature rapidly flashing images, strobing effects etc whcih in some people can trigger epilepsy or seizures. If you are using our media in your public venue you should have warning signes at the entrance re strobing images.

By purchasing or downloading media from ACIDGFX you agree to indemnify ACIDGFX and/or the copyright holder of the media for any damage resulting from it. For instance if you buy a DVD from our shop for your club, pump the place full of smoke and don't put any warning signs re the strobing effects and someone has a seizure, ACIDGFX and/or the copyright holder cannot be held liable in any way. This applies to *ALL* media you get from ACIDGFX (both for ACIDGFX' own productions or those from external producers) whether bought or downloaded for free.

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