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I left college in 97 (?ish) and spent a year on her majesty's "find your internal space" plan (courtesy of the DHSS), until Tony Blair's "welfare to work scheme" dragged me kicking and screaming into the working world.

I got a job working for a company specialising in realtime visualisation systems for category management in supermarkets (among others). This was actually very good experience because it gave me a solid "corporate" grounding in realtime VR technology.  

As with modelling for computer games, because the hardware technology was so basic, one has to really eke every last drop of oomph out of the kit so even as "artists" you end up learning all the intricacies of the hardware just to get things to look halfway decent.

Another bonus was that I got to play with plenty of nice SGI toys. My very good friend Greg (and one of the original founders of ACIDGFX) also worked for SGI at the time at their Reality Centre (got me the job at 5thD as I recall too) so SGI hardware abounded.

Now, by comparison, the quality of visual hardware available for £100 from PC World is staggering but the same principles still apply just nobody tends to learn them anymore ;-)

By November '99 I'd had enough of modelling chickens and groceries and I left my job and went freelance. I was doing mostly short corporate animations. Alas animating logos for local companies doesn't really do it for me and the only sources of challenging and enjoyable work were rubbish at paying. Thus I got sidetracked with website work and ended up specialising in web-based image management and delivery and some ecommerce/payment stuff - quite handy stuff to know as it turns out. My work site is here.

In April 2003 a friend of mine asked me to try and "knock something up" for them to project at his new clubnight (now the well-established [and since retired] "Sessions"). After a bit of chin-scratching I agreed and proceeded to edit together clips ripped from here there and everywhere, a bit of animation, a bit of particle stuff and hey presto I was down 80gb of diskspace but had 90 mins of mental footage to show for it.

I realised that for monthly production this way of doing things was unfeasible so started poking around the net for realtime packages... that's when I discovered this whole "VJ scene" and a little 3d package called "Pilgrim". That changed everything!
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8+? years' working with 3d packages. Originally trained in 3ds, then Animation Master etc, recently finding Blender very interesting.

8+? years' working with video packages like after effects, premiere, vegas.

8+? years' fiddling with codecs and media conversion.

Intensive use of Pilgrim R1  (by Loose Goose) until R2 came out, R2 changed my world \o/.

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