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Test your download speed
To help you assess whether a downloadable DVD is practical on your connection, I've written a small utility which will give a rough estimate of how long a DVD download or other large download from this site might take.

Because it has only just been added, please consider the results a guideline only at this point, although I am working to make it as accurate and reliable as possible and there's actually no reason it shouldn't be quite close.

You may want to do the test 2 or 3 times and take an average of your results.

Please bear in mind that the speed you get will vary with the time of day and other traffic on the internet as well as your location.

Click here to do the speed test
(opens in a a new window).

If you use this test and then do download a DVD, please let us know how long it took (i.e. how accurate the estimate was) either by email or using the contact form. It will help me improve the accuracy of the system.

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