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Sanxion update:
Well that was a blinder - I haven't heard banging techno of such quality for a very long time. There's a short video from the gig on saturday HERE - it's mostly the fire-eater but it's still pretty to look at :)

17th March 07 - Breathe Floyd
The Queen's Hall, Nuneaton
This was an experiment for both me and the band to see how well the idea of visual support worked and as it happens it worked really well :) More due on the 20th April. See Upcoming events for more info.

Whos Hardcore: 8th Dec
Won't be VJing myself or bringing extra projectors or cameras but will still be supplying visuals for someone to mix up on the house DVD setup. I'll be there as a punter that night \o/

Whos Hardcore (12th?) Jan 2007
We'll need to see how we get on but we're working on something for this one... ;)

Added new event
"OXJAM" featuring Kid Logic and friends.

Yours truly and RadioFree working the projectors to the sounds of Kid Logic and friends. To hear some of his tunes check out the

More info about the event here

Event debrief (24/10/06) This was a thoroughly ace night in a very chilled stylee. The setting was almost like a posh dinner party (but with a DJ/band/proijectors at the end of the tables). The Kid did a sterling effort with the tunage playing familiar favourites as well as new material. Hopefully we should see some Kid Logic stuff being released soon.

Rather than running the video as a video/composite/svhs signal we tested running it all usign RGB (i.e. computer/vga) signals which gave us *loads* more detail and clarity - something I'll be testing at the next Who's Hardcore event.

As far as I'm aware Kid Logic is planning on doing more live gigs this winter so watch this space for more details.


Yep, this is the first of hopefully several quite different events I'm doing the visuals for over the coming months. It's set to be rinsing hardcore (happy as well as not-so-happy) at the freshly refurbished club Motion in Northampton. I've uploaded a scan of the (somewhat folded) flyer and will have more to report when I've seen what we've got to play with by way of projectors & cameras etc but looks like it could be quite a stonking night. Click for the full-sized version. Phone the number on the flyer for more info :)

Debrief (09/10/2006):
Despite being a small venue this was a party with *proper* atmosphere. The number of "Whos Hardcore?" tshirts showed that it was a loyal crowd. The tunes were stonking from the outset, nice and varied but with enough "happy" in the hardcore to keep the atmosphere as good as it was. The sound wasn't ear-bleeding but was plenty loud but also nice and clear. The newly relocated DJ box seems to have been a success too and makes for a generous lighting/visuals area.

The dancefloor was bounding from the start and didn't stop till it closed. Although it was a simple DVD-based video mixing system we also had a wireless camera on the go which we could patch into the mixer so got some great crowd interaction style video action going on. particularly with the dancers on the raised walkways. Unfortunatly I didn't have any hands spare to video anything particular and my dvcam's still kinda new so I ended up leaving it on manual focus (blurry) for most of what I did record - grr! Still, ace night, blinding atmosphere and I *should* be back there next month, looking forward to it \o/

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