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The Ringtone Sheep - Whilst this is primarily a mobile ringtones site, they also have lots of backgrounds and looping screensavers for your phone. They actually have some of our VJ loops and stills on there and we've negotiated a special discount for 30% discount off the screensavers. Enter using our link to get the discount. - VjTube is a no profit,  passion oriented visual artists sharing community.

Pushbutton Effects - not necessarily VJ oriented but actually not bad value - 48 NTSC backdrops for $27 (~£18 / ~EU20) - brought to you by the same team who made, this is like a high-res youtube with all the junk removed. Upload stuff by FTP at up to HD resolution. - Russian VJ forum, has a small English section and lots of links for footage and software.

Phobic productions - Free VJ content for you to download. PLEASE NOTE: this page automatically loads and starts to play a whole bunch of Clips so don't try and view it on a slow connection.
Great site for free VJ content - upload and share YouTube stylee plus occasional competitions - get in :).

Eyecandy Yahoo group
VJ messageboard which has occasional gems among the noise.

VJ Central
More VJ resources and the infamous VJ forums. Currently down. Access the forums at

OpenTZT - free, fully functional VJ software =)
It's not one I've used much but I know Hollowsphere raves about it. In any case it's free and it does the job :) - Home of the quintessential VJ software. There's an unlimited demo version which has a watermark so you can have a proper go with it before you buy.

Although I've played on it a few times I've never quite managed to get a hardware controller which I thought worked well with it so haven't ever really been able to try it live. It does look to be very stable and have the best control over in and out points though and is very flexible with regard to screen setups etc. As soon as I've got a hardware setup which works with it I'm having a copy though :)

I had hoped to use the NuVJ as a controller for resolume with the nuvj software as backup but the controllers are mostly rotary64s and res doesn't seem to know what to do with them. Nuvj doesn't have control over in/out points yet and although promised hasn't happened yet.

I'm about halfway through remapping the nuvj to work with resolume using midi translator, but it's tedious work :\ email if you want a copy of the midi translator map to test with.

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