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Pilgrim Visuals home page
The home of Loose-Goose - the creators of Pilgrim and the source of all this shenannigery. Pilgrim R2 just plain rocks...although now sadly R.I.P - No longer on sale as of dec 31st '07. - Home of the free 3d software Blender. Awesome bit of kit and has a realtime 3d/game engine included.
VVVV is a fantastic bit of software which can be used to build just about anything - but it's ideally suited to making interactive artwork/installations. I'm just getting to grips with it but it's an awesome bit of kit.

Sony Vegas
All-round dogsbody and multi-purpose video editing tool/life-saver. Still crap with image sequences though even in v6 but fully scriptable in .net which gives scope for some powerful batch processing.
Fast, reliable, free video tool - one of my favourites! It's great for doing mass format conversions or for processing huge JPG sequences. Fills the few gaps Vegas leaves.

VirtualDub but with added MPEG/MPEG2 functionality.
Home of the VLC media player/streaming server. A free tool to capture, process and route video around your network. Stream/multicast everything from a tiny mp4 stream right up to full DVD quality. - an sms-to-screen video system for clubs etc. Has all sorts of clever scheduling and branding elements.

aka Media Player Classic - just the basic media player like windows media player 6 was before they started adding all the crap.

Greg told me about this a while back - haven't really had time to play with it yet but sounded like some interesting stuff is possible with it.

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