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In response to feedback from our users, here's a very quick guide for how to burn a video DVD from an .ISO image file in Nero. Nero is a very popular burning package for the PC and it comes bundled with many burners. Before you start please check the .ISO file you downloaded from us, it should be about 2-4gb.

Obviously you will also need some blank media. Over the years I've tried lots of different brands of blank media but the ones which always come out the best are Verbatim DVD-Rs (43533). All ACIDGFX-produced DVDs come on Verbatim DVDs and we'd recommend you use them too if possible. Other discs are normally ok but most wont work in some types of players, like older DVD machines or sony PS2. Since we've been using exclusively Verbatims we haven't had a single return or faulty disc in over a year.

When you open Nero, you're presented with a dialog box with burning options.

CANCEL the dialog box

This is how it should look...blank Nero

Select FILE/OPEN and browse to the .ISO file you downloaded from our server.

Select the .ISO file and click "Open"

Now you should have a new burning dialog - this time with a lot less options.

Make sure you select the SLOWEST speed available - burning faster means it probably won't play in a normal DVD player.

Make sure the "Write" and "Finalise DVD" checkboxes are checked.

And hit "Burn"...

All done...your disc should be ready in about 15mins (at 2x)

If you found this guide helpful or have any further questions, please email us and let us know.

Click here for the burning guide for ImgBurn (PC).

Click here for the burning guide for Toast (Mac).

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